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How devops in the cloud breaks down

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2022-09-23 10:30:57

By David Linthicum , InfoWorld |

It’s Tuesday morning and you’re on a Zoom call for the daily scrum meeting. You get the normal updates on progress and barriers to progress, which seem to be repeating patterns from project to project. However, you notice that you only see these issues when public cloud development is involved, and not more traditional development. 

First is the obvious issue: talent. To do devops in the cloud, you need devops engineers who understand how to build and use toolchains. More important, you need engineers who know how to build toolchains using cloud-based tools.

Some (but not many) people out there have these skills. I see many companies fail to find them and even pull back devops to traditional platforms just so they can staff up. Sadly, that’s not a bad strategy right now.

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