By  Paul Krill

JDK 23: The new features in Java 23

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2024-03-30 13:00:05

By Paul Krill

Editor at Large, InfoWorld |

Java Development Kit (JDK) 23, the next planned version of standard Java, is off and running, with two features now scheduled for the release.

Due September 19, JDK 23 has just added a second preview of a class-file API, providing a standard API for parsing, generating, and transforming Java class files. This feature was previously previewed in JDK 22, which was released on March 19. Previously slotted for JDK 23 was a preview of primitive types in patterns, instanceof, and switch.

The class-file API is intended to provide an API for processing class files that tracks the class file format defined by the Java Virtual Machine specification. It also would enable JDK components to migrate to the standard API and eventually remove the JDK’s internal copy of the third-party ASM library. The class-file API would add refinements including streamlining the CodeBuilder class, which has factory methods for bytecode instructions, including low-level factories, mid-level factories, and high-level builders for basic blocks.

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