Solar Eclipse:what to eat or not by Scientists and Doctors.

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2020-06-20 17:26:33

The eclipse will start at 10.56 am in Guwahati The maximum eclipse will be seen at 12.45 pm The eclipse will end at 2.24 pm In Guwahati, the moon covers about 70 percent of the sun.

What effect does an eclipse have on the body? According to the scientist, the doctor, “this kind of ‘eclipse’ produces high energy vibrations.”

What to eat during an eclipse. There is a tradition of not eating, which is opposed by the scientist or the doctor. Some of the foods that are easily digested at the time of ingestion are recommended to be fruit juice.

Doctors have repeatedly warned people not to look the eclipse with the naked eye. Wear normal glasses and looking eclipse this can lead to eye damage.

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