Covid -19 medicine in India Price Rs 103 per tablet : more details

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2020-06-21 07:31:59
For the first time in India, Aurel Favipiravi has been developed and marketed for the treatment of Cavid-19. The company has been approved to manufacture and market this drug in case of emergency. The drug Favipiravi, which has been very successful in Russia, Japan and China in the treatment of the human-caused epidemic Covid-19, will also be used in India to treat coronavirus infections. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has approved and marketed the drug ‘Favipiravir’ for the treatment of covid patients in India. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has given the green signal to Glenmark to develop this drug. This medicine will be available from this evening This medicine can be purchased in the open market in the whole country within 7-10 days. The price of 34 tablets of medicine is Rs. 3,500 In other words, the price of each tablet is 103 rupees Each tablet will be 200 mg Medicines can be sold in hospitals and pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription.
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