Digital Infrastructure Fund

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2021-08-05 10:00:20

Without a free, open, and secure digital infrastructure, we - individuals, communities, businesses, academia, and government - cannot benefit from the digital transformation. Examples of digital infrastructure include code libraries or standardized protocols used by developers to write and test application software. These trusted components ensure that information can be translated freely from user to machine and back again. Available, accessible, and secure digital infrastructure is the foundation for digitalization in the public interest.

The creation of a new funding program specifically for this software domain is therefore intended to support the development and maintenance of digital infrastructure.

The needs and possibilities of such a funding program will be examined as part of a feasibility study supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The primary goal is to maintain, scale, and secure digital infrastructure. The open source ecosystem should thus be maintained and strengthened to ensure not only secure and resilient digital infrastructures, but also sustainability and competitiveness in general. The idea is modeled on the OTF Core Infrastructure Fund and can learn from it as well as other programs, such as the Prototype Fund, and adopt practices that have already been tried and tested.

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