Inverse Scaling Prize: Second Round Winners

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2023-01-24 23:30:06

At the end of t he second and final round of the Inverse Scaling Prize , we’re awarding 7 more Third Prizes. The Prize aimed to identify important tasks on which language models (LMs) perform worse the larger they are (“inverse scaling”). Inverse scaling may reveal cases where LM training actively encourages behaviors that are misaligned with human preferences. The contest started on June 27th and concluded on October 27th , 2022 – thanks to everyone who participated! Across the two rounds, we had over 80 unique submissions and gave out a total of 11 Third Prizes .  

We are also accepting updates to two previous prize-winners (quote-repetition and redefine-math). For more details on the first round winners, see the Round 1 Announcement Post .

We didn't find the kind of robust, major long-term-relevant problems that would have warranted a grand prize, but these submissions represent interesting tests of practically important issues and that help contribute to our scientific understanding of language models.

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