The Imperfect Notebook

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2021-07-19 20:00:04

So I put together an imperfect notebook/planner/journal/organizer/bullet-journal. I was irritated by the insta-slime worthy notebooks I see around. So for the heck of it, I decided to see what is at the opposite end.

All I did was buy a bunch of newsprint sheets (the cheapest paper available) and few ring binders. I cut up each sheet to 8, punched a few holes and bound them with the ring binder. If you find an old filofax or binder to give it some protection in this harsh and cruel world, I understand that. Everything beyond that is quite possibly a tinsel charade that serves no real purpose. To imbibe this lesson deeper into myself and enthusiastically pursue imperfection, I deliberately speeded up the cutting up of sheets giving it haphazard edges. This might be an unnecessary exercise, however it does help to unlearn the urges. At some point I hope to feel secure enough to shed the zeal of convert and reach a happy medium.

Now there are few decisions I must explain regarding this. I keep the page sizes small because I need them to be filled up fast. Once a couple of pages are filled, they are either transcribed or photographed. Depending on free time I might batch up to 5 pages, but not beyond that as it will become a chore. Next step is to tear away those pages and shred it. It empties up space for new pages later. In addition, always seeing a notebook full of blank pages gives a sense of freshness and relief possibly from Zeigarnik effect.

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