North Indian food vs. South Indian food Debate

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2020-06-27 04:14:09
North Indian food vs. South Indian food– a debate for dinner tables and restaurants, as you browse through the menu in anticipation. Demarcations in territories, differences in geography, agricultural practices, and eating practices, have led to a diversification in North Indian and South Indian food. Here we will enumerate why one of it is better than the other. Kidding. Wherever you are, geographically, you cannot deny that both the northern and southern parts of India have a world of differences in their cooking methods, which leads to bursts of different flavors that attack your taste buds. Even the style in which the food is served differs both in North India and South India. For instance, South Indian food is traditionally served on banana leaves and is eaten with hand. North Indian food vs. South Indian food – what exactly does either mean? You probably think (if you’re an Indian) that you know the answer depending upon where you live because geography has so much to do with what we eat, from where we source our foods.
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