Registry Agreement Termination Information Page

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2024-07-07 19:30:04

Please note that the English language version of all translated content and documents are the official versions and that translations in other languages are for informational purposes only.

In accordance with ICANN's commitment to be open and transparent, this webpage provides current information related to Registry Agreement terminations. For a list of terminated Registry Agreements, please visit the Terminated Registry Agreements page.

Under the New gTLD Registry Agreement, either party may terminate pursuant to certain requirements in the Registry Agreement, including but not limited to the following:

Pursuant to the above sections, in the event of termination by either party and after consultation with Registry Operator, ICANN shall determine ("Preliminary Determination") whether or not to transition operation of the Registry to a successor registry operator in its sole discretion and in conformance with the Registry Transition Process.

For the avoidance of doubt, ICANN's Preliminary Determination shall not prohibit ICANN from delegating the gTLD pursuant to a future application process for the delegation of top-level-domains, subject to any processes and objection procedures instituted by ICANN in connection with such application process intended to protect the rights of third parties.

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