Greetings Application built with Java, Spring and JWT

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2024-07-05 09:00:04

From time to time it is a good idea to start something from scratch, or at least go one level lower than you typically do. This article reports back on how I set up a REST-API with Java, Spring and JSON Web Token (JWT) to build a Greetings application. The end result isn't perfect, but I think it can be useful for anyone wanting to see how it can be done in a fairly clean way, as well as see a few other goodies, such as using Nix Flakes to improve the developer experience. I also built a basic front end using VanillaJS.

First step for any project is to figure out what to do. "Hello World" is a little too basic for having any fun, so I decided to create a little Greetings Application. It has the following requirements:

A demo is at the moment available here. All code is available on Github, and if you have Nix you can easily run the project by:

Perhaps you can also run it directly using Gradle, depending on your system. Pretty nice developer experience right, isn't it?

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