Winners of the 2023 IFComp

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2023-11-20 12:30:13

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Join esteemed mad scientist Dr Ludwig as he faces the greatest challenge of his nefarious career: making a deal with the Devil and coming out on top.

Research demonology! Read legal documents! Face off against the world’s least effective torch and pitchfork-wielding mob! All this and more!

A berserker's at the circus, and they're ruining everyone's performances! And all you have to stop them is a stack of custard pies, a squeaky red nose and your own wits. But the show must go on!

You wake to find yourself trapped in a room filled with locks and strange contraptions. Someone has locked you in here and identifying them may hold the key to your escape. Hidden somewhere are the clues you need to set yourself free, but time is running out…

It was supposed to be really straightforward: take the king's mollycoddled heir under your capable wing, get him away from the castle, and turn him into Noble Ruler material within the space a year or so.

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