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Microsoft’s Massive Upgrade: OpenAI CoPilot For Entire MS 365 Suite.

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2023-03-16 20:00:02

by joshbersin · Published March 16, 2023 · Updated March 16, 2023

Microsoft is betting the farm on OpenAI and ChatGPT with the biggest upgrade to Microsoft 365 in decades. The new release, entitled Microsoft 365 Copilot, delivers Generative AI tools and chat embedded in every module in the suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and Viva. They call it “Your Copilot for Work.”

And there’s more: not only does Copilot help you write, summarize, analyze, and search for information, a module called Business Chat works across the entire Microsoft Graph (the data set of all your Microsoft documents, emails, schedules, and information) to help you find materials, summarize them, and index them for business applications.

What it does is pretty amazing, and I’m sure this is just the beginning. Using the GPT-4 Large Language Model (LLM), the CoPilot can draft letters or documents, summarize information, create PowerPoint slides, and analyze data from Excel. It’s intelligent enough to outline and summarize meetings, analyze a spreadsheet, and select graphics that fit the text or message of a presentation. And by accessing the calendar and your contacts it can give you a history of work, activities, and projects.

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