Rating the Ramen I ate in Japan

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2023-01-23 16:30:07

Ichiran is a chain. I went to two different locations, one in Shibuya - the other in Kyoto. The most exciting thing about Ichiran is that it is an almost entirely anonymous dining experience. You enter the shop, place your order at a machine which dispenses meal tickets. Then someone hands you a piece of paper where you can specify various things about how you want your ramen to Taste. For example, richness*, fishiness, amount of chilli powder, etc.

After doing this you take your ticket, and your order sheet to a small booth. There are panels to either side of you blocking your view of the customers sitting next to you, and in front of you is a curtain. The curtain will briefly rise and a pair of hands will take your order. A few minutes later another pair of hands will place your order in front of you and then withdraw, closing the curtains behind themselves. You're then free to eat in as close to complete privacy as can be found in a crowded ramen bar. You can speak to your server if you wish, but there are also wooden signs provided with which you can signal that you wish to request various services, without having to speak.

The ramen itself is a good classic ramen. Ichiran was the first bowl that I ate on arriving in Japan, so it's possible that I'm overrating it due to a lack of hedonic adaptation. Rating: 4/7

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