A Tale of Three Docker Images

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2021-06-11 15:00:09

Over the past days I have been looking further into making Docker images of my own after I had installed Docker Desktop for macOS. Creating an image can be a bumpy ride, especially for me; the last time I looked at Docker was back in 2016. Back then Docker for Mac was too experimental for my taste.

So, why giving Docker for Mac a second chance? The main reason is that I want some scripts plus their requirements grouped together without affecting the main installation of the operating system I am using. I could use virtual environments for that, or run everything in a virtual machine. I currently do a combination of the former on the latter. But now I want to see if Docker for Mac makes things easier for me.

Below I am going to discuss three of the images I have been creating over the past days; the choices I made and the issues I encountered. It is not an exact play back of all the steps it was a messy journey with a lot of Googling and reading. It's more like how I would do those steps today. They still might not be the best ones, so feedback is welcome.

The first image I want to discuss is a very easy one; it's for the Python version of tumblelog. As I didn't encounter any issues with it, I give the complete version below:

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