The Best ORM, Ever? | Joist

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2024-05-13 14:00:18

I've been working on the Joist docs lately, specifically a Why Joist? page, which ended up focusing more on "why Domain Models?" than a feature-by-feature description of Joist.

Which is fine, but a good friend (and early Joist user) proofread it, and afterward challenged me that I was being too humble, and I should be more assertive about Joist being "THE BEST ORM FOR TYPESCRIPT AND POSTGRES" (his words), as he listed off his own personal highlights:

But in thinking about his challenge, of pitching Joist specifically as "the best ORM for TypeScript & Postgres", I actually think I can be even more bullish and assert Joist is, currently, the best ORM, in any language, ever, TypeScript or otherwise.

I have three reasons; admittedly the first two are not technically unique to Joist, but both foundational to its design and implementation, and the third that is one of Joist's "special sauces":

I've used many ORMs over the years, going back to Java's Hibernate, Ruby's ActiveRecord, and a few bespoke ones in between.

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