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2022-05-14 11:00:06

Recently, with the rapid spread of portable wireless communication terminals represented by smart-phones, there is an increasing demand for large-capacity wireless infrastructure equipment. Millimeter-wave is suited for ultra-high-speed transmission from the broadband performance. JRC has developed Millimeter wave RF-CMOS device that can be mounted on the portable communication terminal. RF-CMOS device was fabricated using 65nm-CMOS process technology, and it has a function of transmitter and receiver. When this RF-CMOS device is in operation, corresponding to a change by the device characteristic variations and temperature variations, always it has a function to calibrate to a certain behavior. As a result, JRC has developed Millimeter-wave wireless RF-CMOS of a conventional about 20 times the transmission performance. This device’s data transmission rates can reach 7.04Gbps(16QAM).

Hiroshi Nakano Mitsunori Morohoshi Masayuki Tsujita Jun Kobayashi Kazuo Hirabayashi Toru Taniguchi

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