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2024-06-06 02:30:03

Mr. Robot is an awesome show on the USA network with some awesome technical consultants. The season 3 finale ends with Mr. Robot (a delusion and dissociative personality of the protagonist, Elliot Alderson✪✪ If that’s not clear, think of Mr.Robot as Tyler Durden and Elliot as Ed Norton in Fight Club. If I spoiled that for you too, you might be beyond saving. .) revealing how he hid RSA keys that were used in a cyberattack that encrypted America’s bank records (among other things). In this post, I’m going to go over how he managed to hide the keys in the way he did, and offer some viable alternatives.

On the night of the hack, I transfered the keys from the arcade to a remote virtual machine on our box at home. I then burned it to a CD. You’ll find the seed data and the algorithm embedded in those pictures. You’ll know the one. With those two pieces you should be able to regenerate the keys used to encrypt all of E-corp’s data. And like that, you can make it like 5/9 never happened.

There’s also a Super 1337 Hacker Console Scene™ that plays during Mr. Robot’s explanation where you can see the commands Elliot uses to uncover the RSA keys. You can see them in the still below:

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