The Science of Human Intelligence

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2020-06-27 05:28:31

What is the only part of the Human Body that has not been explored up to the hilt? New & astonishing facts about which organ of the body do we read or hear everyday? Guess that one organ in the human body which we do not utilize to it’s full potential even until we die! It is none other than our mind, our brain. One of the most intricate structures that runs our system, our body. Don’t you feel that the human body, as a whole, is the most sophisticated machinery, the most Byzantine engineering? It is the quintessential of sophistication. Now, just imagine the degree of convolution of the brain which is the master of this system. Over all these years we’ve been inventing several machines to study & comprehend our own machine immaculately; but this conundrum still persists & remains unresolved.

Brain is of supreme importance and it is functional only because of the connectivity to the rest of the body & with the neurological system. Suppose you cut something in your spine & your impair the brain’s ability to function by itself, then it’s meaningless what it does. So, brain is not just an organ but a part of the neurological system. It’s like one big not where more more activities enterprise in one place as compared to the rest. But this doesn’t mean it ain’t happening in the rest of the places.

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