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2022-06-23 12:00:11

There is quite a lot of negative sentiment about broken BigTech hiring processes. If you have not heard, these are good introductory posts:

Why am I writing about this? I will be conducting an Uber Mock Interview later this month. I meant to write about seemingly broken BigTech interviews for a while now, but this event offered me a concrete deadline. I feel like I have to explain to myself why I am doing an interview at all, and why I am OK with the format we are planning to use. In this post I will:

I will be focusing mostly on the “consistent filter” and the “stress/energy” part. About which Thomas Ptacek states:

CV screen is conducted by a recruiter in the HR department: I do not take part in this, therefore I have no visibility into rejected candidates. To the recruiters’ credit, judging from the resumes I’ve seen during phone screens, we interview folks with diverse backgrounds, even with a minimal “match.” For example, a physicist major with data analysis background in Python is unusual, but not very surprising: they do get a fair chance at the phone screen.

Some are truly unlucky: perhaps your experience does not match the recruiter’s understanding of what is necessary for the role. Or perhaps you want to change direction and have spent a long time preparing for it, which does not show in a resume. Or maybe you are like me and just don’t know how to make a good resume. Or all of the above. What then?

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