Tired of taking notes during meetings?

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2021-07-20 18:00:02

If you'd like to switch from the Metered plan to a fixed plan, you need to cancel your metered subscription first. Click the Manage button to go to your plan page and cancel your Metered plan. At the end of your billing cycle, you can click the Change your plan button again to upgrade.

Wordcab automagically creates meeting notes and summaries of all your team communications. Forget transcripts, forget call recordings... but never forget what you spoke about.

Import transcripts from popular services like Otter.ai and Fireflies.ai, and get back human-sounding summaries in seconds. Have a YouTube video you'd like summarized? Just paste the link and Wordcab will take care of the rest. Then, send your summaries to apps like Asana and Slack.

Companies use Wordcab's API to quickly add natural-language summarization capabilities to their applications. Use our simple but powerful API to automatically upload, transcribe, and summarize audio files and text transcripts as scale.

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