Building AI powered apps with Rust (& Next.js)

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2023-05-25 14:30:17

Our previous workshop with Stefan, Rust for Javascript Developers, was a huge success! We’ve had over 1000 applicants and an average rating of 9/10 according to the participants who filled out the post-workshop survey 🥳 Now we are on the mission to provide you with an even better & bigger workshop that’ll get you acquainted with the latest trend in technology — AI.

In this workshop, we will write a fun web application together where you will learn all about language fundamentals such as structs, traits, and the most important crates that can facilitate your work.

Stefan Baumgartner , the organizer of Rust Linz , will guide you through this three-hour session, helping you dive into the world of LLMs and Rust . He will show you the pros and cons of each technology, as well as highlight the possibilities they offer for you as a developer.

By the end of this session, you will have a clear understanding of what all the hype surrounding LLMs is about and gain valuable insights into how Rust can assist you in your development journey.

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