What's in a good answer?

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2024-05-18 23:30:04

Just like asking questions is an art form, answering them requires some skill. Here are some general recommendations on things to think about when answering a question:

A person asking a question is implicitly in a vulnerable position; They expose themselves to not knowing something. I think that makes it extra important to treat the person with extra respect for stepping out of their comfort zone. This is particularly important with new-hires.

A friendly answer involves writing full sentences. Sloppy responses shine through. This also means that simply pasting a URL should be avoided. It is similar to responding with RTFM. Don’t just respond with

Further, if this is someone asking questions from another part of your workplace, remember that helping them out can be a great way to build bridges and network across your workplace. Maybe one day that person will help you out.

It’s easy to make assumptions about what the person asking a question has done or tried. Not all people ask the perfect question! Instead of assuming, ask questions. For example, the example in the previous section could be rephrased even better:

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