Content is King?; I was wrong about it -

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2022-09-22 03:00:05

In the early 2000:s people had websites where they posted their articles on. Those websites were very individual handcrafted, different design which would express the owners personality, etc.

It was difficult to consume the content because the focus was more on "hey look what I did with my website" and not so much about the article. There were people who tried to adapt the design of the page to the content which was cool but a lot of work.

Back then I was under the impression that all that clutter - so sidebars, footers, headers, design elements, etc. - only took away from the content which I came to consume. Then slowly blogs have been introduced which with the default templates streamlined and consolidated the designs and brought more focus on the content itself. This is also the time when we started saying "Content is King" and pushed everyone to focus on the content and easy accessibility to it, instead of creatively tinker with their website as a whole and treating content just as a vessel to bring new users to the website which should be admired.

Once RSS was introduced I rejoiced and started to follow everyone who's websites I followed by opening them every day and checking for new content, by subscribing to their RSS feed. In my mind this was the perfect solution they still could have their wonky website with their unreadable design, 10px font size, dark grey and light gray text color, headers sidebars and footers full of clutter, but I would get just the essence, just the content delivered directly into my feed reader.

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