55 TOPS Raspberry Pi AI PC - 4 TPUs, 2 NPUs

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2024-06-05 23:00:07

I'm in full-on procrastination mode with Open Sauce coming up in 10 days and a project I haven't started on for it, so I decided to try building the stable AI PC with all the AI accelerator chips I own:

After my first faltering attempt in my testing of Raspberry Pi's new AI Kit, I decided to try building it again, but with a more 'proper' PCIe setup, with external 12V power to the PCIe devices, courtesy of an uPCIty Lite PCIe HAT for the Pi 5.

I'm... not sure it's that much less janky, but at least I had one board with a bunch of M.2 cards instead of many precariously stacked on top of each other!

Hardware-wise, I have 63 potential TOPS of neural compute available. But only 55 are available, since the Alftel 12x PCIe M.2 adapter card I'm using only supports one lane per slot (the Dual Edge TPU's need two lanes wired up for A+E key—a slightly non-standard M.2 configuration).

None of that's helpful at all if I can't load drivers and access all these NPUs and TPUs. Luckily, I can! Following this guide from MidnightLink I was able to compile the Coral's apex driver on Pi OS 12, and use it with CodeProject.AI.

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