Newer versions of Ansible don't work with RHEL 8

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2024-06-07 18:00:05

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is supported until 2029, and that distribution includes Python 3.6 for system python. Ansible's long been stuck between a rock and a hard place supporting certain modules (especially packaging modules like dnf/yum on RHEL and its derivatives, because the Python bindings for the packaging modules are stuck supporting system Python.

As ansible-core evolves, they don't want to support old insecure versions of Python forever—Python 3.6 was out of security support back in 2021!.

But that creates a conundrum; if you're a Red Hat customer using Ansible to automate your RHEL 8 infrastructure—or if you're using one of the many derivatives, like AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, etc.—then you will start running into issues automating these older servers if you install the newest version of Ansible.

Luckily, Ansible core 2.16 is slated to be something of an 'LTS' release, according to one of the core maintainers—so if you lock into that version of Ansible core anywhere you run code against RHEL 8 servers, you should be good to go:

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