1 Year Using Obsidian | Joshua Klinger

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2023-01-25 05:30:06

Obsidian is an excellent knowledge base that utilizes local markdown files to store information. This means that you retain ownership of your data, in its original form, even if you decide to stop using Obsidian. This feature, in my opinion, makes it the best solution for taking notes. Nothing even comes close.

Obsidian is built using Electron, which nerds despise. However, because it is designed with care, using Electron allows for customization of buttons and sliders, cool features such as tab splitting and breaking out a tab into another window, and makes Obsidian highly extensible.

The extensibility is crucial and cannot be understated. For instance, I use a plugin that organizes my notes into a Kanban board. This instantly transforms all of my notes into potential tasks.

A built-in feature that I can no longer do without is the daily notes. Every day, a new note is automatically created for me where I jot down all my thoughts for that day. At the end of the day, I review these notes, tag, and organize them. I separate more important information into personal documentation, and create tasks out of any to-dos. And if I forget something, as long as I know the day of a meeting or call, I can refer to my notes for that day and refresh my memory.

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