Raw pictures with a GoPro Camera

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2023-11-18 23:00:07

The GoPro generates certain files when taking a raw picture, listed below the table. The interesting files are the .RAW, the .Y, the .UV and the .txt information

So, lets see this in action: The GoPro takes a picture, it generates GOPR2853.JPG, GOPR2853.txt, GOPR2853.RAW (24MB), GOPR2853.UV (12MB), GOPR2853.Y (12MB)

the .RAW file is a "neutral" file (I mean, no container such as .DNG and .CR2) so its a bit useless because the only program that can edit the picture is UFRAW or Shotwell. The .RAW is the sum of the .Y file and the .UV file.

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