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2024-02-10 10:30:04

They have to go into every room and ask the occupants if they are happy with the services provided by the hotel. This is the job.

While doing this job, many say they are happy. Some say they are unhappy. You ask them why they are unhappy, they say it is because the Air Conditioning has only one degree of precision in celsius, instead of 4 like they are used to in some other luxury hotel they visited.

So, it is 20.2 Celcius instead of 20.4902 Celcius. They claim this has disturbed their cicardian rhythms and has resulted in less optimal sleep. They leave a one-star rating and say they are never going to visit this hotel again.

You move another twenty thousand rooms of happy customers. And then you find another unhappy customer. They say the iced tea did not have the right prime number of ice cubes. In the previous hotel they were staying at, it had the correct number of ice cubes without them specifying it explicitly. This they said showed some great inattentives of the room service agents.

You wonder if it is even possible to anticipate what prime number of ice cubes some customer likes. But you note this down and move on another five hundred thousand rooms. You find another unhappy customer. They say the smart wall did not change colours in a way they liked. The pictures were too noisy in some way, they claim.

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