Blockbuster movies are good and also not why indie films don't do as well

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2024-05-12 16:30:02

This is a recurring thing on social media. Someone will post a rant or goof about how cheap you can make a good movie. And they're right! I've enjoyed some little movies from little companies, or even from individuals!

But that's not enough. They can't just talk about what they enjoy, they have to take potshots at what other people like. They pack it in with a rant about blockbusters, as though they're why the indie film doesn't get as much love. They demean and insult people for enjoying something that does no one any harm.

Your weird little arthouse flick doesn't do as well as MCU stuff because it's a weird little arthouse flick, not because the MCU does well.

That thing you like is weird and that's wonderful. Weird is niche. Niche is great. But the niche thing is not competing for the same dollars or even screen space as the blockbusters. With few exceptions, they're destined for the festival circuit, theaters that specifically serve the indie market, and streaming, and never anything more. I'll never see The Fandom, Dutch furry Gangnam Style, or All The Single Furries, or Cringe in theaters, and I'm okay with that.

Big theaters don't have room for the indie stuff, and little ones can't afford the blockbusters, but I don't have that problem. My life has room for Black Panther ($200 million) and Big Eden (less than a house in Hollywood). Blockbusters and Sundance bait are not in competition.

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