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2024-07-10 05:00:06

Did you know that blood loss is the leading cause of preventable death after trauma, yet most ambulances don’t carry blood because it is perishable and type-specific?

Imagine if every first responder and hospital had shelf-stable blood stocked for use on any patient needing an emergency transfusion.

Blood loss after injury is responsible for over 25,000 lost lives each year in the US alone1 , and billions of dollars in medical care and lost productivity. Every minute of delay in replacing lost blood increases mortality by 5%2 , yet 47 million Americans live more than an hour from a trauma center3 , and most ambulances do not carry blood. Once approved, ErythroMer™ will be supplied as a freeze-dried powder, shelf-stable without refrigeration, and packaged as a unit equivalent to one unit of red blood cells – “just add water” for rapid use at the point of care or on the way to the hospital.

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