Kdenlive 21.08 is out

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2021-08-16 15:30:08

Kdenlive 21.08 is out with an upgraded engine, bug fixes and many interface and usability improvements. Although the highlights are mostly under the hood we managed to add some nifty new features as well. This version now requires MLT7, which comes with a new time remapping feature and a more stable and concise code base. (MLT7 sets the foundation for long awaited features like GPU processing, multicore support and improved color management to name a few, all expected in MLT8.)

IMPORTANT The Automask effect has been removed in MLT7 (along with many other legacy and buggy modules) but it will eventually be replaced with more powerful OpenCV tools. The Region module is also removed and it has been replaced with a new Effect Masking feature. Taking the opportunity of these changes we have also cleaned up the code base and removed old and unmaintained tools like the DVD Wizard (yes, some people still used it) and the Preview Compositing mode.

We continue with every release to improve performance and with this version the Jobs Processing code has been completely refactored fixing an interface lag/freeze when importing hundreds of files and hundreds of gigabytes at once. Also panning through the timeline has a more fluid and smoother experience due to recent changes.

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