Pacgraph: Distro autodetection

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2023-03-14 23:00:03

It draws a pretty picture of your installed packages. Common uses include exploring dependency trees or finding hundreds of megs of useless packages.

To try it yourself, get the code, or install it with pacman -S pacgraph. Run pacgraph to generate an SVG. If Inkscape or imagemagick is installed it will also render a PNG. It might seem a little slow, but it's many times faster than Graphviz. Alternatively, run pacgraph-tk to launch an interactive tk GUI.

Right now Arch is the best supported distro, but writing new loaders is pretty easy. Thanks to Carl Hamann, there is good support for Debian and Red Hat. Pacgraph also works in derivative distributions like Ubuntu or Fedora.

Font size can be set with pacgraph -p 10 100 where the first number is the smallest point size, and the second is the largest.

Interested in how one package fits into your system? Use --highlight (followed by three colors and the package name) to draw attention to its dependencies and inverse dependencies.

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