Fundamental Questions

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2024-06-09 16:00:08

This is a list of fundamental questions. A resolution to a question is either a satisfactory answer or a conclusion that the question is ill-posed or ambiguous.

For every question I state my personal level of confidence to a resolution. The level should tend to go up with time, but may go down as new findings come in. These are the levels:

Certain: I see a well articulated resolution, far superior to competing alternatives resolutions, in the form of a proof or similar. For some questions, e.g. some philosophical questions with no hope of entering into the realm of physics, this level cannot be reached even in principle.

Tentative: I singled out a resolution superior to competing alternatives resolutions, but the margin is very small or the resolution not well articulated.

Guess: I reduced the possible resolutions to 2 or more options, but I have no clue which one is correct. I have a favoured guess, mainly based on intuition and heuristics.

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