Vaccination requirements: France is now treating its citizens like children

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2021-07-20 03:30:03

In the 48 hours that followed Emmanuel Macron’s announcement that a vaccination passport would soon become mandatory to enter cafés, restaurants, shopping centers, and hospitals, 2.2 million French people made appointments to get the vaccine. As a reminder, France’s population is only 67 million.

Now, this strikes me, because as a French guy living in the U.S., I’ve been fascinated for years by the great cultural and political contrast between those two places.

In the U.S., you can sue a fast food store for a million dollars if you happen to slip on an onion ring. In France, the same store will not even refund your order, probably never respond to your letters, and if you try to sue them, the legal system will probably laugh at you and tell you to go home.

We could go on and on, the bottom line is: France and many Western European countries are simply operating on a political baseline that is so socialist that it makes American liberalism look like a European far-right movement in contrast. In fact, the level of economic freedom and personal self-responsibility that the US stands for does not even exist in any political party in France.

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