Bicycle chain wax starter guide

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2024-07-08 23:00:03

In this write up, I’ll discuss the different aspects of bicycle chain waxing. I’ll share my perspectives about the pros and cons of waxing, and discuss my experience with different types of wax. This is an attempt to answer many common questions that I have seen about waxing bicycle chains.

If you’re reading this, chances are you know what it means to wax a bicycle chain. In short, chains need lubricant to work efficiency. It affects gear shifting and general power transfer from the pedals to the road. Most lubricants on the market are oil based. Waxing lubricates the chain by covering the chain in dried wax instead of oil or grease.

I started using chain wax for the sole purpose of keeping my chain clean. Over the last 18 months, here are the things I found out:

Personally, I have very much enjoyed all the benefits of chain waxing and have found a relatively convenient routine. Though, as I only ride on roads, cyclists from other disciplines might have a different experience than I did. Hopefully, the information above (and below) are enough to help sway you one way or another.

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