SPECIAL: Epic disappointments with Linux (not for the mentally retarded)

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2024-06-05 12:00:09

In the last year and half, I thought I could stop the distro-hopping, but very recently it turned out it wasn’t the case. Since there are criteria and thoughts about my requirements from an OS that I never put in writing, it’s time I do it now. This should also explain a bit more about my grumpiness and about my opinion that most software developers in the world of open-source are, if not mentally retarded, at least almost completely deprived of judgment and common sense. This is not vanity; it just so happens that I’m right.

Should anyone read this from the more seasoned sysadmins or software developers, they are entitled to having different opinions, although I maintain that mine are more logical. But most Linux desktop users nowadays are retarded gamers who weren’t even born when I first met Linux! They should STFU and go back to their Reddit, to their TikTok, or to their vanity YouTube channels.

I first encountered Linux in the winter of 1994-1995. It was a bunch of floppy disks (we called them diskettes) labeled SLS. Then I met a better distro, Slackware, but I can’t remember the version. What I do remember is that I used a lot the kernels 1.2.13 and 1.3.18. Back then, odd-versioned series such as 1.3 were “experimental” or “development”; nowadays, every single broken kernel is considered stable. I also fondly remember Slackware ’96 and kernel 2.0.36.

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