Enforcing conventions in Django projects with introspection

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2024-04-02 20:30:07

Naming conventions can make a big difference to the maintenance issues in software projects. This post is about how we can use the great introspection capabilities in Python to help enforce naming conventions in Django projects.

Let’s start with an example problem and the naming convention we’re going to use to solve it. There are many other applications of the techniques here, but it helps to have something concrete.

Over several projects I’ve found that inconsistent or bad naming of DateField and DateTimeField fields can cause various problems.

First, poor naming means that you can confuse them for each other, and this can easily trip you up. In Python, datetime is a subclass of date, so if you use a field called created_date assuming it holds a date when it actually holds a datetime, it might be not obvious initially that you are mishandling the value, but you’ll often have subtle problems down the line.

Second, sometimes you have a field named like expired which is actually the timestamp of when the record expired, but it could easily be confused for a boolean field.

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