The 7 Best AI Email Tools for Salespeople

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2021-08-18 16:30:26

There’s a major contradiction at the heart of email-based lead generation.  Firstly, it has been clearly shown that properly personalized emails attract more engagement than generic ones.  Campaign Monitor found that emails with personalization were 26% more likely to be opened and credit agency Experian experienced a sixfold increase in transactional rates when they used efficient personalization. However, to make email campaigns worthwhile, they need to work at scale.  This leaves salespeople in a quandary: how can they generate a high volume of emails which nevertheless retain a degree of personalization that attracts potential clients. This is where AI can be hugely helpful.  There are now a host of AI-based email apps on the market that scrape client data for key information then automatically integrate this into email intros.  In this way, AI becomes a key sales tool, making it possible to operate at scale while letting your targets know that you are treating them as individuals. In this article we’ll run down seven of the top AI-driven email tools for salespeople, highlighting the benefits of each, so you can decide which might be helpful for your sales team.

Let’s begin with our own tool.  Lyne helps sales professionals create thousands of hyper-personalized intros per hour.  We’ve seen response rates improve up to tenfold using our AI-powered tool, with an anticipated baseline improvement of around 20%. One of the key timesaving aspects of Lyne is that it personalizes and matches your subject header to intro content.  This is a vital ingredient in encouraging a busy potential client to open your emails, rather than dragging or right-clicking them into oblivion. will also remove the unnecessary ingredients from company names, such as LLC or Inc., making your content feel more human.

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