Twitter locked my account (again) for an obvious joke

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2021-07-22 17:00:09

Needless to say, I was not encouraging or promoting suicide or self-harm. It was a joke about how YouTube can be both very helpful and very harmful. (I have no idea whether YouTube has videos about cutting off your leg, though I wouldn't be surprised if it did.) Twitter too can be both very helpful and very harmful. I personally use Twitter to promote my software — such as my web browser extension Tweaks for Twitter in the Mac App Store. So Twitter giveth, and Twitter taketh away. I just wish that Twitter would be smarter, because its so-called "algorithms" are totally, repeatedly stupid.

I refuse to give Twitter my phone number, because Twitter is an advertising company and would gladly sell it given the chance. They claim the phone number is only for "security", but we've seen a number of instances in the past when this trust has been violated anyway. Thus, I can't login and delete the tweet, even if I wanted to delete the tweet, which I don't (yet). At this time, I remain locked out of my account.

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