Feature Flags โ€” CI/CD

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2023-09-17 18:00:05

I originally sent part of this article to the mailing list of my Elements of CI/CD course, and now sharing it with the rest of you with improvements from the received feedback.

Feature flags allow you to deploy changes to your software rapidly, and continuously, as many times a day as you want, without sacrificing the reliability of your product.

When you use feature flags, deploying changes is only half the story, since no customer will be exposed to those changes by default. The second half of the story, is that you selectively enable features to a subset of your customers. This sounds simple, but it really is a superpower! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

Imagine that your product is an Android mobile application where users can search for whiskies, and ultimately buy bottles directly from the website. You are developing two new features that each needs a few weeks of development and iteration.

In some teams, you would work on these features on separate git branches, and only merge on the production branch that gets deployed when the feature is ready to go live. This means that you will have two separate branches diverging more and more over time, and you also donโ€™t know if something else breaks until you merge back to the production branch.

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