Unintentional Auto-tuning With Adobe Podcast Enhancer

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2023-01-26 00:00:05

I’m working on a podcast and I was composing the Intro and Outro… a little talk, then a musical sting. But I wasn’t perfectly happy and I tried Adobe’s AI voice enhancer for improving the quality of voice recordings. The results were… interesting.

I didn’t trim the musical sting off the end, assuming the enhancer would recognize it as music. Instead, it tried to optimize it as voice, so it sounds like someone auto-tuned someone speaking gibberish.

The title of the piece is “Howling (Sting)” and it’s in the YouTube Audio Library if you want to hear it all. Embedding it here without modification would technically violate the license. But what Adobe’s enhancer did to it should definitely qualify as a substantial enough modification to be used under the YouTube Audio Library license.

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