No More Cookie Warnings

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2021-09-26 18:00:05

As web technologies become more powerful the actual experience of using the web becomes increasingly more annoying. In the last few years we’ve suffered a crescendo of abuse inflicted by people who obviously hate anyone with the gall to visit their sites.

Just when it seemed that things couldn’t get more irritating, cookie warnings seemed to spring up overnight, infecting almost every site run by a company or organization. You may think that it’s not the fault of these companies, because of some law that requires them. No, it is their fault. Notice that the site you’re reading now does not annoy you with any cookie warnings. I’m not required to use them because I don’t spy on you. When you see a cookie warning, the site is asking your permission to be spied upon and tracked. Consider leaving immediately and looking for a better place to get the information you need.

None of the sites I build for others have these warnings, either, because I don’t work with people who spy on their users. Any cookies we use are to maintain sessions, so, for sections of the sites where you need to log in, you don’t have to log in again every time you navigate to a new page. These are what the law defines as “strictly necessary” cookies that are not designed to track your behavior.

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