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2022-06-22 08:00:10

It’s probably difficult for most people to recall the first time they heard a word, but I remember hearing the word “DevOps” for the first time. I was having a beer with a colleague in 2013 who has taught me almost everything I knew at that point. I’d been lucky enough to bring him along to a new job I started where he could do lots of smart things and I could ride his coattails. We were discussing some of the problems we’d seen in the new company that probably feel familiar to most people now: we were struggling to support the application when it was running in production.

He was talking about how we needed to get involved earlier in the lifecycle to ensure we were all on the same page. In his imitable Australian accent he mentioned the word “DevOps” and it stuck with me.

2013 was relatively late to the game in DevOps. If you ask most people about the origin of the term, the two pivotal moments everyone seems to agree on are Patrick Debois and Andrew Clay Shafer meeting at the Agile Conference in Toronto, and the talk by John Allspaw and Paul Hammond at Velocity ‘09

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