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2022-01-14 10:00:07

Refuses to look back unless they want to. Once you play to nostalgia, it’s hard to push the creative envelope once again, the world has labeled you a has-been.

Is inherently tortured. Needing to get their message/soul out. They don’t fit in. Their goal is to express raw humanity so that people can connect with it, they channel the zeitgeist.

Don’t change based on blowback or criticism. You must have a strong heart and ego to pursue artistry. As soon as you blink, you’re done. And the audience is unpredictable. Give people what they say they want and they often reject it. The artist wags the tail of the audience, not vice versa.

Focuses on their art to the exclusion of almost everything else, they must do this. They have to surround themselves with people who get it/them. Because when the inspiration strikes, you’ve got to be able to work. And you oftentimes work at strange hours, when everybody else is already asleep, because you need to get rid of interruptions and the noises in your head to lay it all down.

Is looking for a manager who will pave the way, obliterate distractions, convince intermediaries to allow the artist to do their thing.

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