SoylentNews: A Hotbed of Crime?

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2024-03-31 13:00:02

Whenever I post a new article on my blog, I post links on social media. Usually its Mastodon, X, BlueSky and Lemmy. It is hard to keep stuff up on Reddit so I don’t usually try because the moderators are often hostile towards blogs.

I’ve recently become aware of another potential source of news, SoylentNews. I figured it could be a good place to post links to my articles.

It is totally their right to chose what to publish and if they don’t like my articles that is perfectly fine, I don’t take any issue with that.

I went on their IRC to inquire about my submission. That was a big mistake. The first time I did this, I left my computer and went to go have a shower. When I came back something was wrong with my Internet.

My Xbox was fine, my laptop was fine, just this desktop had issues so I assumed that something was wrong with the wifi adapter.

Then things started working again, but after 8pm EST, huge lag spikes and packet loss. This happened for days and I was going to buy a new adapter but then everything started working again. As I write this, things still continue to work perfectly.

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