10 cents to be a #mvp (Most Valued Player)  Apart from excelling at their regular day to day work, most mvps I have observed, tend to do the following

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10 cents to be a #mvp (Most Valued Player) Apart from excelling at their regular day to day work, most mvps I have observed, tend to do the following : 1. Observe   • They are very curious about almost every aspect of their day to day work. • Examples: Why the #code is written in a particular way? Why are build times too high or low? What does this library internally do? 2. Report   • Their observations turn into findings. They identify, document and raise their findings as issues, problems or bottlenecks to the respective stakeholders.     • Examples: Instead of modularising this piece of code, should we use a library or vice versa? Build times are high due to network calls in tests? Build times are too low - Is there a short circuit? This library's performance impact is x, is this acceptable? 3. Resolve   • Apart from reporting their findings, they ensure that their findings are worked upon and the problems are resolved. It's interesting to note that sometimes they do not get to work on it themselves, then they push the respective stakeholders to prioritise the findings, review the solution when it's in progress and follow up till it's completed. Even if one can reach till the second step, it would be great learnings for the individual and create immense impact for the organisation which results in overall growth for the #employee and the organisation. #engineering #software #engineeringmanager #programmer

🌟 Demystifying note-taking 🌟 Note taking is a skill that needs to be learnt and mastered to organise one's thoughts and ideas, as well as efficiently manage one's time and efforts. In my experience, notes are of 3 kinds : 🗒 Short notes Notes that are relevant for a short duration. All recurring meetings are good candidates for short notes. For instance, notes from 1 on 1 meetings are relevant only till the next 1 on 1. 📝 Long notes or references Notes about a particular subject or project. These can be used for multiple purposes - a reference for the future or notes for a presentation. Short notes from certain meetings could move into long notes. ⦿ Todos Notes that are to be actioned upon. Many todos are derived from short notes and long notes. Important Note: Never take meeting notes as todos. Always take notes as short notes / long notes and then have a separate todo to carve out todos from short / long notes.    How to take notes ? Choose note taking apps that can work on phone, web and desktop (optional). Once chosen, don't shy away from the quick start tutorials and the shortcuts - these increase productivity by 2-3x. 🗒 Short notes These notes are best sorted by topic / meeting subject and time stamps. A sample structure :- • 1 on 1s Arjun - Ramesh   • 5 May    • Discuss about xyz   • 20 April    • Discuss about Abc Workflowy was one of the best apps that helped me to understand and enjoy note-taking, before I eventually moved to emacs (after 3 yrs). 📝 Long notes or references Ensure that you have good searchable headings for your notes. Evernote is a good choice for this. ⦿ Todos It's best to follow single responsibility. A todo should only have one end goal, try to clearly explain whats the expected outcome of the todo. Some of the apps I have tried: - Todoist - ClickUp - TickTick (Currently using) - Emacs Orgmode (Currently using) Edit - Some tools suggested in the comments : - Notion - Logseq - Has the same UX of Emacs orgmode It's important to understand that note taking is very subjective and all my suggestion are very biased to my experience in #softwareengineering. Always explore and challenge the "hows and whys" of note-taking. Feel free to reach out to me, if any of you would like me to review your style of taking notes. #engineeringmanager #developers #productivity #notes

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