Blockchain takes over — from the programmer’s perspective in 6 lines of code

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2023-01-25 12:00:06

Let me say that I believe that blockchain will take over the financial sector as the underlying technology in time. It will take some time, but it will happen.

It won’t eliminate python/java/c#/etc. apps that are UIs or bots doing xyz tasks, those are easy to write and flexible. But they will be using blockchain as their underlying technology, requesting commands on the blockchain level.

This is an estimated path of how payments work in the banking system. There are other contractual issues that also need to be 100% (insurance, lawyers, contracts, etc), but that has nothing to do with programming.

In almost all cases this pipeline works, in those cases where they fail, a person needs to go and do something. But look at all those italic lines. Those questions (and there are many more when going into the details) will cause programmers issues.

I put up 11 questions. For each of these questions you need to decide what needs to happen, this means meeting with those people and creating some process. This then needs to be programmed and managed. As I said, those are not all the questions, it takes years to find them all, and most of the time, only after an issue has happened do you see the question.

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