Helvetica® Now Variable

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2021-08-17 16:00:07

Helvetica®  Now Variable builds on the groundbreaking work of 2019’s Helvetica Now release—all of the clarity, simplicity and neutrality of classic Helvetica with everything 21st-century designers need (optical sizing, stylistic alternates, and extended character set).

Helvetica Now Variable offers designers more of everything: more creative freedom; more typographic expression; and more power.

Helvetica Now Variable gives you over a million new Helvetica styles in one state-of-the-art font file (over two-and-a-half million with italics!). Use it as an extension of the Helvetica Now family or make custom-blends from its weights (Hairline to ExtraBlack), optical sizes (four point to infinity), and new Compressed and Condensed widths.

Create infinite shades of expression, incredible typographic animations, and ultra-refined typography. Its single font file makes it easier to use and wickedly fast. Load one file and access a million fonts—in a fraction of the size of a traditional font family. More freedom. More expression. More power. More. Helvetica. Now.

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