Nearly 75 percent of cops want to quit

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2020-06-20 19:10:10

A new survey reveals almost three-quarters of Washington, D.C. cops are ready to quit the force, while violent crime is surging in New York City amid growing anti-police sentiment. 

Protesters across the country are calling for police departments to be abolished or defunded following the death of George Floyd, sparking violent clashes between cops and demonstrators. 

Floyd’s death has prompted politicians to pledge that they’ll make radical changes to their police departments – a move which has angered many officers. 

The Washington, D.C. Council passed an emergency police reform bill last week which expands the training requirements for officers and orders the public naming of cops involved in shootings. 

Many D.C. police officers have been left disillusioned by the bill’s passing, and feel as if they’ve been thrown under the bus by lawmakers. 

A D.C. police union survey of 600 cops shows that a staggering 71 percent of them are now considering leaving the force, according to The Washington Examiner. 

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