iOS app banned from chinese appstore

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2024-03-31 11:30:03

Some may have predicted it, but now it happened: the chinese government banned Monal from the chinese appstore. Below is the complete email we got from Apple regarding this ban. We got that mail twice, once on Wed, 27 Mar 2024 15:46:18 +0100 and a second time on Thu, 28 Mar 2024 17:01:19 +0100. The macOS version of Monal is still available in the appstore and with homebrew, though.

We are writing to notify you that your application, per demand from the CAC (Cyberspace Administration of China), will be removed from the China App Store because it includes content that is illegal in China, which is not in compliance with the App Review Guidelines:

According to the CAC, your app violates Articles 3 of the Provisions on the Security Assessment of Internet-based Information Services with Attribute of Public Opinions or Capable of Social Mobilization (具有舆论属性或社会动员能力的互联网信息服务安全评估规定).

If you need additional information regarding this removal or the laws and requirements in China, we encourage you to reach out directly to the CAC (Cyberspace Administration of China).

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